Crimson Heartaches

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Crimson Heartaches

Post  poetrygirlxxx on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:06 am

My crimson heart's
Beating slowly
In my hands
Holding the pound
Pound pound
pound pound
Thud crack
Being back
I don't wanna say goodbye
My temperture's rising
Of yesterday
The day was grey
Then you lit
It all up
Like a match
Like a match
my fire
blame me, hate me, shame me
Erase me
The falling stars
See you too
When you fall
Glowing diamond eyes
Lightnight goodbyes
I Don't wanna say goodbye
As I lay here for hours
upon hours
Swirling melodies
I'm almost an alchoholic
This music making my thuding heart
Drunk again
I don't wanna say goodbye
Pound pound
pound pound
Thud crack

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