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Post  Meme#3 on Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:44 am

pig Im running and running
My legs flying beneath me.
My heart pounding faster
Than ever before.
I see the white line and
Then it's gone, behind me.
And your standing past it
And I run into your arms.
They sqeeze me into a hug
And your whispering,
"You did it, you did it."
And I'm just so happy that
I start to cry but not
Because I've won the race,
But I've won your heart.
And I can't believe it.
But then you make me.
You press me to your body even
Tighter and then......
I feel your lips against mine
And I can't breath.
Your arms fall under my legs
And you carry me off
With your loving eyes locked
In mine. pig


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