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Post  Hola Zapata on Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:58 am

Our eyes have met
One thousand times I bet
I remember the moment we shared
When our eyes locked in a stare
Even though you've never said "hi"
You catch my breath when I walk by
Your smile carries my fears away
Your heart makes me want to stay
You act like there is nothing to say
I sit and wait for another day
Dreaming of you face
Watching our lives go at a fast pace
I long to feel your soft hand against mine
Such a aoft cradle that I feel I'd never die
But you just walk by
And in my dream I cry
But then you come back and save me
In your arms with that beautiful smile on your face
My heart starts to race
Then I'm lost in the sea of your eyes
And we both realize
Even though it was always clear to me
We were meant to be.

Also written by: Meme#3

Hola Zapata

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