the boy in the side of the hill

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the boy in the side of the hill

Post  katie1lunsford on Sun Apr 06, 2008 8:08 pm

The day i met him was as if it was any other. The sun was out and summer was begging to creep through the leaves.
It was late in the day when i decided to venture into the forest before the sun went to sleep and the moon awoke. As I said it was a complete normal day, no sign of anything off in any way. I stumbled through the briers, leaves and newborn trees still yawning from rising from the ground. Then it happened. I tripped and fell against a small hill and heard the hollowness within it. I knocked slightly on it. Then progressively got harder until my fist ached. I felt around trying to find how this was possible. Then when my hand found a door knob i had no choice but to pull it and go inside.
Even though i knew there was probably something horrible on the other side of the door i still opened it. Then i screamed and he screamed a little too. When we both had realized the other wasn't a terrifying monster we stopped our throats sore as if we had been screaming out salt. We laughed and we started talking. We decided we should be friends.
After that strange day i visited him every day. Until one day i knocked and knocked just as i had on that first day. Finally i opened the door my self but he was no where to be found. But he did leave a letter.
Dear Mary,
I'm sorry i left with out saying good bye. But i had to leave in a hurry. Some one found out about me. I know that this cant be easy to understand. But if you just wait maybe one day ill find you again. But for now people are chasing me and i figured i should get out of your life before you get hurt.
please forgive me,

I trudged home so mad that i was almost glad he left. Almost. Not really at all. I knew he wouldn't come back.
Several years later i was walking through the woods. Trying to remember what James looked like. Not paying attention i stumbled and fell. When i got up i stomped and stomped. I heard laughter under the ground. Hollow. I instantly fell to my hands and knees and found a handle. i pulled. The door came flying up.
"Hi Mary."

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