"I hate it"

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"I hate it"

Post  poetrygirlxxx on Mon Apr 07, 2008 2:04 pm

I hate it
When you look my way
And I never look back
For more than a second
I hate it when
You talk to me
And I utter something stupid
And I know you probably think "Huh?"
I hate it when you smile at me
I smile, But I don't laugh
I hate it when you sat right there
And I didn't say anything
Even though I wanted to
And I hate all my shy shy ways
Anything Interesting about me I never seem to share
Though I sometimes worry what you think
I hate it when you say I'm good at something
And I say "yeah"
Instead of "thank you"
Cause you probably are thinking I don't care
Although I do
More than anyone else
Ever could

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