(old and embarrassing poem)only you

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(old and embarrassing poem)only you

Post  queenofspades on Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:59 pm

I lay down on my bed
To try and think of
Something to write
But all I could think
Of was your face

Your voice like honey
To my ears
Soft as silk
Smooth as velvet

My mind over whelmed
With the thought of you
I couldn’t think of what to write
Except for your name

I had no inspiration
Except for my feelings for you
Nothing else came to me

All I could see
Your eyes
deep green seas
Your hair,
Golden honey
Your smile
Kind and inviting

All I could feel
Your arms around me
Gently comforting

My imagination ran wild
Yet my mind was drowsy
I began to fall into sleep
But I continued
To hear, see and feel
Only you

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